Activity Page

Dropping of the Carp Committee offer the following fun activities to while the time away. We are hoping that all of the links actually lead to something fishy. However, we do realize that each time a hook is dipped into the water, it doesn't always bring a fish back out.

Coloring Page. Print the page, color it, hang it on the refrigerator. (Link)

Spot the Carp in this live aquarium. Spend hours watching the fish. Best part - don't have to clean the tank. (Link)

Something's Fishy. You goal is to eat small fish so that Walter, your fish, can grow bigger. Press the arrow keys to guide Walter in the direction you want him to go. Eat smaller fish to grow, but avoid larger fish. There are 8 different levels of play, but you cannot grow larger than the 8th level. Avoid the shark who is always a danger. (Link)

Draw a fish. Maybe you can catch fish better then draw them? This page will help you become a world renown fish drawer! (Link)

Put the fish together. An online puzzle helps with eye-hand coordination. (Link)

Back to school. Swimmy got the little fish to swim together in a school for protection. See if you can get the school of fish back together again. (Link)

Under the Sea Hide-and-Seek. Look closely, can you see who is hiding in the pictures below? Click on the sea animal in each picture to learn more about it. (Link)

Streamer Fever. Choose your favorite fish character and follow the rainbow to complete all the levels and win the game. (Link)

Fishin' Fun. Have some Fishin' Fun as you try to catch as many fish as possible without wasting bait. This arcade game is a bit of sports stuff that everyone can enjoy. (Link)