Carpfest Bowling Games

Hoffman Hall Party

The Carp KIng - Bob Witt with Mike Ulrich and LUCKY!

Shawn Redmond, Rep. Lee Nerison, Bob Witt and Mike Ulrich

Midnight - Carp drop. Temps -8 F

A fun-filled event intent on bringing friends, family, and community together for the New Year! Proceeds going to Dropping the Carp Fund and City Park and Recreation Youth Enrichment/Hoffman Hall Activities.
Additional Information: Contact Prairie du Chien Tourist Info 1-800-732-1673 (

Photographs - 2009

December 28, 30, 2009
CARP KIDS KARAOKE, @ Hoffman Hall.
CARP SKATE PARTY @ Lochner Park Sponsored by PDC Boys Scouts. Games, contests,& fun for all!
JUICE PONG- @ Hoffman Hall
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December 30, 2009
TORCHLIGHT SKI, HIKE, SLEDDING HILL- @ LaRiviere Park. Ski or Hike the lighted trail, moonlight sledding, ending with hot chocolate & campfire!
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December 31, 2009
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December 31, 2009 -
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December 31, 2009
Preparation: It's all in the planning!
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December 31, 2009
7th ANNUAL CARP BOWL FOOTBALL GAME- @ St. Feriole Island PDC Firefighters battle the Mar/Mac Dept.
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December 31, 2009 - January 1, 2010
7th ANNUAL Dropping of the Carp
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Activity Page

Dropping of the Carp Committee offer the following fun activities to while the time away. We are hoping that all of the links actually lead to something fishy. However, we do realize that each time a hook is dipped into the water, it doesn't always bring a fish back out.

Coloring Page. Print the page, color it, hang it on the refrigerator. (Link)

Spot the Carp in this live aquarium. Spend hours watching the fish. Best part - don't have to clean the tank. (Link)

Something's Fishy. You goal is to eat small fish so that Walter, your fish, can grow bigger. Press the arrow keys to guide Walter in the direction you want him to go. Eat smaller fish to grow, but avoid larger fish. There are 8 different levels of play, but you cannot grow larger than the 8th level. Avoid the shark who is always a danger. (Link)

Draw a fish. Maybe you can catch fish better then draw them? This page will help you become a world renown fish drawer! (Link)

Put the fish together. An online puzzle helps with eye-hand coordination. (Link)

Back to school. Swimmy got the little fish to swim together in a school for protection. See if you can get the school of fish back together again. (Link)

Under the Sea Hide-and-Seek. Look closely, can you see who is hiding in the pictures below? Click on the sea animal in each picture to learn more about it. (Link)

Streamer Fever. Choose your favorite fish character and follow the rainbow to complete all the levels and win the game. (Link)

Fishin' Fun. Have some Fishin' Fun as you try to catch as many fish as possible without wasting bait. This arcade game is a bit of sports stuff that everyone can enjoy. (Link)

Contact Lucky

Who is Lucky?

The first honoree to help celebrate the dropping of the carp was named Lucky after learning that Chinese people believe that eating carp, on New Years, was lucky. Each successive carp, since 2002 has also been named Lucky.

The Dropping of the Carp committee appreciate the time it takes to complete the following form. We promise to get right back to you .... as soon as we're done fishing!

Venue Locations

Where is Lucky?
Dropping of the Carp, AKA Carp Fest, is held at several venues. We offer this interactive Google map to help you navigate to each one. Click on each pin to see the name of the venue.

View Dropping the Carp Activities in a larger map Click on each pin for location name.

Carpfest activities for Droppin' of the Carp is held at several venues:

Purple balloon pointer - Hoffman Hall, located near the Mississippi River, will host the craft and swimming activities. A dodge ball tournament, will also be held in Hoffman Hall.

Yellow balloon pointer - La Riviere park will host evening sledding, hiking along a torch lit trail, and a giant bonfire. The evening activities are always fun for the entire family. Bring your sleds or xc skis.

Pink balloon Pointer - St Feriole Island, located along the Mississippi river on the east side of Prairie du Chien, WI, will host the touch football game. If the weather is calm, there will also be a hot-air balloon ride.

Orange balloon pointer - Lucky Park is where the main activities for New Year's Eve ar hosted. Events begin at 9:00 PM. Come and join in the Droppin' of the Carp, a huge bonfire, good eats, and family fun.

Bowling Ball and Pins - Timber Bowling Lanes

Green Push Pin - Ice Fishing Activities

Knife and Fork - Huckelberry's Restaurant