Lucky is Ready!!!

Mike Valley and Granddaughter
The start of CarpFest begins with “Lucky “ being caught in PdC on Sunday. Here you see CarpFest Committee member Mike Valley and helper Granddaughter Sophia pull Lucky through the ice at Blackhawk Bay. Mike Valley says we were lucky to catch her as she fought all the way in and was one of the toughest battles he has ever encountered in his life with this beast of a fish. Lucky the Carp will be on display on New Years Eve at Lucky Park where you can welcome in the new year and kiss Lucky for Good Luck. Many dignitaries from the area will be at the festivities and rumor has it Mayor Hemmer is practicing his pucker skills. For more information on the many CarpFest Events this week please call 326-7207.

Mike Ulrich
City of Prairie du Chien
Director of Parks & Recreation
214 E. Blackhawk Ave.
PO Box 324
Prairie du Chien, WI 53821
(608) 326-7207 - Phone
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