Carpfest Bowling Games

Hoffman Hall Party

The Carp KIng - Bob Witt with Mike Ulrich and LUCKY!

Shawn Redmond, Rep. Lee Nerison, Bob Witt and Mike Ulrich

Midnight - Carp drop. Temps -8 F

A fun-filled event intent on bringing friends, family, and community together for the New Year! Proceeds going to Dropping the Carp Fund and City Park and Recreation Youth Enrichment/Hoffman Hall Activities.
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Lucky Royalty

Being the Carp King and Carp Queen of Prairie du Chien's New Year's Eve is no easy task. Carp royalty preside over the Droppin' of the Carp festivities. The royalty also take part in many other celebrations during the year. The annual event began in 2000, with initiatives of Tom and Cathy Nelson, and Randi Kleusner and her spouse. Each year, two very special people were chosen to be the Carp King and Carp Queen.


King Ken and Queen Jan Meyer

2013 promises to bring surprise in the Carp royalty? 2013 will go down in the history books as the re-introduction of King Ken and Queen Jan Meyer. It also reintroduced the #1 Carp Page Kyle W.  2013 brought in a brand new Droppin' of the Carp Court!The court members are nominated by the sponsors of Droppin' of the fest.

King Tom Nelson and Queen Cathy Nelson, New Year’s Eve 2012

Carp Page Kyle W., New Year’s Eve 2012


King Ken and Queen Jan Meyer with Lucky the Carp, New Year's 2011

King ? and Queen ? New Year’s Eve 2010

Carp Fest 2009

By Mike Ulrich
Park and Recreation Director/Carp Committee Member

2009 came to a close with many people enjoying some of the many new Carp Fest activities provided by the City of Prairie du Chien Parks and Recreation Department.

Hoffman Hall saw a “flurry” of daily activities as Arts & Crafts, Carp Gym and Swim games were enjoyed by many area youth. The kids in attendance at the youth Karaoke and the Boy Scout sponsored Ice Skate party were greeted with lots of fun, music , and a light show provided by the Scream Extreme. The popular college pong game saw 6 teams compete with Jordan Sutton and Josh Gokey coming out as the Carp Champions. Approximately 100 participants attended the Torch Light Ski, Hike, and Sledding at LaRiviere Park where they saw one of the nicest evenings of the year with a light snow and perfect skiing and sledding coditions. A large campfire and Hot Chocolate provided by Simplys was waiting after their fun. Special thanks to the Dept. of Corrections, Denny Kirshbaum, Terry Meyer, and Dave Hemmer for setting up this wonderful activity!

New Years Eve day saw 12 hearty runners/walkers braving the cold and wind to participate in the first Carp Run/Walk .Top finishers were Dave Farmer and Danielle Stark. Paco Eastman from Illinois was the top 60 and over finisher and Franzi Naundorf from Germany was the second women to finish. Hoffman Hall also was the sight of Dodgeball on this day with 20 participants of all ages throwing, twisting, shouting and having fun! The afternoon saw the 7th Annual Carp Bowl with the PDC Firemen beating the Mar/Mac squad 42-14 at the Frozen Tundra of St. Feriole Island. Thanks to Go America for their financial support! Our biggest event Droppin of the Carp was well attended with thousands of friends , family and dignitaries in attendance along with a gentlemen from South America. Many people young and old lined up to kiss Lucky the Carp for good luck as well as the crowning the new King and Queen and finally the countdown to the New Year ushering in 2010.

As special thanks must go out to the City of PDC staff, many volunteers, and sponsors with in-kind donations who with their help made Carp Fest a fun-filled event for those participating. Also because of the help of Randy Paske all of this year’s events/photos can be seen on our new web page which has already had hits from people around the world. Please go to to check out the fun! Lucky and the Carp

Committee look forward to next year’s 10th Annual Event with plenty of new surprises!