Droppin of The Carp 10th Annual Prairie du Chien, WI.

Let's Drop a Carp!
In the waning hours of 2010 several thousand people brave the cold and wind in Lucky Park to watch the 10th annual "Droppin of the Carp". Hundreds of people lined up to kiss the Carp for good luck, a tradition that was started some five years ago. The warming tent provided a spot for people to get out of the cold and enjoy some coffee, hot chocolate, or whatever they chose. Red and Shane provided entertainment and we crowned the new King and Queen. Ken Meyer and his wife Jan took the capes and crowns and made the way out to meet the crowd and returned at midnight. The laser light and pyrotechnics show put on by Scream Extreme was breath taking and exciting.

This project went to a new level as we have expanded the activities, and it is now known as Carp Fest in its 2nd year. It is this new direction that we give credit to Mike Ulrich and the Park and Recreation program of Prairie du Chien with a variety of activities for the young and old throughout the week. It is these activities that will assure the growth, expansion, and the dreams of kissing the carp to continue bringing good luck to the community of Prairie du Chien.

The 8th annual Carp Bowl between the Firefighters of Wisconsin and Iowa took on a new twist this year, with Greg Bender's broadcast over WQPC Radio.  Go America continues to be a chief sponsor for this event. We are thankful for Go America. It was the very first sponsor. The Carp Bowl had ten additional sponsors for the broadcas. In addition to all of the supporters of Carp fest, we had 21 Golden Carp Sponsors and 15 Specialty Sponsors that supported the" Droppin of the Carp" and Carp Fest events bringing our Community together.

The City of Prairie du Chien, received a lot of great attention from this event. The Courier, Press, WQPC/WPRE Radio, and the regional news network: the State Journal, the Telegraph Herald of Dubuque lA, the La Crosse Newspapers and TV Channel 8 coverage, along with Discover Wisconsin Radio Network, and Tractor Supply Quarterly Magazine all helped to publicize the event. But, the high light, was watching CBS Sunday Morning on January 2, 2011 as Lucky the Carp was lowered to its cradle of fame and two young girls "Kissed the Carp" for good luck.

I guess the proudest moment for me was at midnight. It was a humbling experience standing on the stage with Dan Kapanke, my State Senator, Lee Neirison, my State Representative, and Dave Hemmer, my Mayor of Prairie du Chien reading a proclamation from Governor Doyle about the Droppin' of the Carp. For Dan and Lee this was their 4th year at this event. This was special, because these men chose to spend their New Years at Lucky Park in downtown, Prairie du Chien, WI.. The thought of this still gives me goose bumps as they led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag.

But truly, this project is about people, coming together on a cold winter night in South West Wisconsin with hopes and dreams of a new beginning, a fresh start, at making our Community, our state, and our nation a better place. I wish everyone a Happy New Year and many more to come.

Tom Nelson, Carp Master

Carp King and Queen Nomination

We nominate Ken Meyer  for Carp King. He is well qualified for this grand title. Ken is a very active man when it comes to rive life on the Mississippi River. He boasts the nickname Captain Ken, He is a 'boat mechanic and keeps a lot of the fisherman's boats in working .order so that they too can enjoy the river. He spends countless hours working on their boats, and does it with a smile When he isn't fixing boats, he also enjoys trying to catch the big one, although it seems to always get  away. Who else do you know that has. a collection of over a dozen different boats lying around his property. They may not all 'be up and running but he can't just fathom tossing away a piece of floating history. Ken also has attended different Corps of Engineers meetings to voice his
concern 'of the way the river life is handled. He enjoys eating smoked carp and other fish delicacies. Ken also has a big heart in helping others out, as he is a member of the Masonic Lodge and the Zor Shriners.
His wife Jan is well suited for the title Carp Queen as she has to put up with Ken's boat collecting and being away so much fixing boats.
To summarize it best, just look at his Cadillac and truck license plates that read CAPT- KEN.
*Excerpted from Ken and Jan Meyer's nomination for Carp King and Queen. See here for additional Dropping of the Carp photos.