Carp Fever- Gettin' Lucky!

Prairie du Chien...It would be quite a thrill to catch Lucky, a giant carp that will be lowered from a boom in Prairie du Chien on New Year's Eve. Thanks to Mike Valley, lifelong commercial fisherman and the owner of Valley Fish & Cheese in Prairie du Chien, three people will get to accompany him on Sunday, December 11, when he goes out on the Mississippi River with a 400 foot gill net to snare this year's honored fish. Persons are eligible if they make a $1.00 donation to the 'Droppin' of the Carp' committee, with all proceeds going to the event. The winners will be announced on December 10.
   Valley said, 'They really won't have to work but they can help make noise to scare the fish into the net."  What happens if he catches more than one carp?  "We'll pick out the fattest, best-looking carp to be Lucky.'  It's going to be the 'prettiest' fish, if a carp can be described as pretty. (Photo,left, from 2010)
   Just in case the river is frozen, there's a reserve plan....a carp is on ice in Valley's freezer.
     On a related note, the committee is accepting nominations for Carp King and Queen to preside over the festivities. "We try to keep ahead of that crystal ball thing they do in New York City," said Tom Nelson, the originator of the carp drop. The ten criteria for selection include someone who knows the local DNR warden by his first name and someone who has used a carp tail for a fan to cool off with.
   Nominations may be sent to Droppin of the Carp, Attn. Royalty Committee, 128 South Prairie Street, Prairie du Chien, WI 53821. The deadline is December 26.
                                            -30- With Permission by Norb Aschom-Prairie du Chien