A Carp for All Seasons

By Tom Nelson

Park and Rec. Board Nov 16 and City Council  Dec 6, 2011
It was ten years ago when I approached the City Council for the 1st Droppin of the Carp It was kind of a tongue and cheek request to close West Blackhawk for an Hour to have a New Year’s Eve celebration.  Within a day Norb Aschom wrote an article for the La Crosse Newspaper and it was picked up by the Associated Press and it hit the national news media and the Musical group Larry and the Carpettes’ had made their début.  With events tradition are establish which may help identify and define a community.
 “Lucky the Carp” became the center of attention in the in the Mid-West.  However the common River Carp is a symbol that comes from and represent our greatest resource, the Mississippi River
    The Carp Bowl –is a gathering of our area fire men to watch them take time out and enjoy in friendly completion, an American Tradition of the football bowl season.  Our local HEROS relaxing and enjoy the completion.
    “Kissing of the Carp” to bring good luck, a slant taken for the Chinese for their New Year’s celebration when they serve Carp to bring good luck to their families
    Carp Fest – with the expansion of this event it includes family activities that bring people together for fun and enjoyment.  Using our Parks and Hoffman Hall are great ways to use our community resources in a unique way.
    With this year a new tradition begins with “The lighting of the tree.”  Plans to expand  the lighting is already being discussed with involvement from PDRI and Nick, Nate, and Shawn.
   This is truly is a community celebration that embraces the City during Season The Chamber of Commerce, with the Holiday Parade, PDRI with the Tree lighting, with local business support for the Pyro-technic and light show, the city of Prairie du Chien and Park and Rec . with  the Carp Fest activities, and the Rotary with the New Years’ Day Brunch. What a community celebration for the Holidays.

  • This may be a true  GIFT THAT THE CITY HAS RECIEVED. Lets’ take a minute and reflect what the City of Prairie du Chien has received.  
  • IDENTITY – Community recognition through national, state and local promotion.  The most resent – the Dept. of Tourism promotion on Public Radio 
  • A NEW PARK location on the backwaters of St Feriole Slough – the Gate Way to the Island 
  • GOOD LUCK – Having good luck that has brought us OPPORTINITIES for the community that helped us grow and made positive changes in Prairie du Chien over the past ten year. 
  • COURAGE – CARP PLANTING DAY – adapted from the Japanese tradition, having  the courage in our community to take these opportunities and make the best decisions for our community 
  • LIGHTING OF THE TREES – As we lite up the dark December skies with the lights in Lucky Park, it symbolizes Lighting up of the HOPES AND DREAMS we all have for a better future. 
  • HONORING OR HEROS AND COUNTRY – Starting with 9-1-1 we honor our fallen, our armed forces serving us , and our Country with the 1st Pledge to our flag and the singing of God Bless America. This is a gathering of all of the People brought together to celebrate a new beginning..

   It’s obvious that the Holliday’s are a special time of the year for all of us.  I hope in some small way we can bring a Positive, Fun, Uplifting, opportunity for our Community and Visitors.  And in some way with the “Kissin’ of that Carp”  it brings a continued good luck to our great community of Prairie du Chien.