11th Annual Droppin' of the Carp is in the Books.

News Release from Droppin’ of the Carp

With the temperatures around 35 degrees the 2011 Droppin’ of the Carp entertained probably the largest crowd ever. Carp lovers got a chance to view Lucky who was posed on his throne throughout the night and they were given the opportunity to kiss Lucky for good luck in 2012. The line was never ending. With the invention of cell phones with cameras, the pictures of Lucky being kissed were sent worldwide instantly.

Lucky the Carp was pulled out of the Mississippi River earlier in December by Clayton DuCharme assisted by His father Jeff, Rocky Rocksvold, Jack Finney and Mike Valley of Valley Fish and Cheese. Clayton had entered the Fishing Contest and won the chance to catch Lucky.
A contest was held for a “Carp Page” and Kyle Wilkinson submitted the winning written application. The requirements included recommendations from people who knew him and attested to his affinity to carp and his ability to serve as a Page to the Royalty.

Tom and Cathie Nelson were crowned King and Queen to complete the Royalty. They are part of the original group that 11 years ago dropped the first carp.

Smoked carp from Valley Fish and Cheese was passed around by Kyle for the revelers to taste.

Randy Paske was on hand to record the night and has posted it on YouTube and has a Blog. If you could not make the “Drop” you can view it on your computer.

Scream Extreme entertained the crowd with music, games, prizes and frolicking. They had a light show throughout the night.

Jennifer Schilling, State Senator , Lee Nierison, State Representative, and David Hemmer, Prairie du Chien Mayor acknowledged and read the Proclaimation from Governor Walker and Secretary of State, Douglas LaFlollet . Secretary of Tourism Stephanie Klett acknowledged the Droppin’ for a tongue-in-cheek idea that brings people to Prairie du Chien on a cold winter night.

The night ended with a salute to our Armed Forces, Pledge of Allegience , Stars Spangled Banner and a beautiful display of fireworks by Stream Extreme….with the American Flag fluttering in the background.

A big Thank You to all the Golden Carp Sponsors for their support.
From Cathie Nelson 608-326-8602 pdcnellie@centurytel.net