Many Pitch in to Kick off yet Another "Lucky" Year.*

Dear Editor,
 Happy, New Year, and greetings to all of you who braved the weather to kiss Lucky the carp and bring in -the New Year. We have a great appreciation for all the, people who made the Droppin' of the Carp possible again, contributing' to the fun of putting it together, bringing positive attention to our great community of Prairie du Chien, and having hopes and dreams of another LUCKY year. We' are really blessed to have such a great community and great people who are there to pull off this event.
It all started with the park board and city council, as they took their valuable time to hear our silly presentation .and approve the event.
However, the involvement went beyond that. We were between the holidays, and the street department made themselves available to clean the snow off Lucky Park, bring in and locate their railer for the stage,' and get out barracks and all the other niceties they are always willing to do. And when the event was all over, they were there to help put Lucky Park and the city back together again.
It seems, like every time we turned around, our city personnel were involved with different phases of Carp Fest. Beyond the street department's involvement, w.e had the water'department freezing theice with the MarMac Fire Department at the Carp Bowl. In addition; Mike Ulrich, parks and rec director, spent some of his vacation working on all of the Carp Fest, events: coloring, fishing, hiking, arid oh yeah, Amigos: providing the enter entrainment for the night.' And how about Ken Meyers and his' wife, Jan,as King and Queen meeting their Royal Carp Court with 'all of their charm. At midnight, Mayor Dave Hemmer welcomed the crowd and read a proclamation from Governor Scott Walker~ presented by Representative Lee Nerison.
There are many more of our city personnel who work behind the scenes who turn this lucky community into a great community .
Look at how LUCKY we really are" because they are always there to help us to follow our' dreams and make Prairie du Chien a great place to live.
Tom Nelson, Carp Master
*Courier Press-January 16, 2013