A fun-filled event intent on bringing friends, family, and community together for the New Year! Proceeds going to Dropping the Carp Fund and City Park and Recreation Youth Enrichment/Hoffman Hall Activities.
Additional Information: Contact Prairie du Chien Tourist Info 1-800-732-1673 (www.prairieduchien.org)

QR Code

Puzzled by this image? Here’s what you can do:
1. From a web enabled cell phone, download a "QR Code Reader". You can do this by going to the app store on your smartphone and typing in “QR Code Reader” and several options should come up.
2. Click to open the newly installed QR Code Reader.
3. Point the phone camera at the code. Depending on the application you may have to take a picture of the code or it may just automatically read it.
A special Droppin' of the Carp - Carp Fest mobile web site created just for your cellphone will pop up. 

The symbol, below, is called a QR Code. It is similar to a bar code seen everywhere. A QR code is a special two dimensional code which can be read by an app on a smart phone. Almost all QR Code reading apps are free. Chances are, the smart phone you are using has a QR Code reader and you are not aware of it. If you use a blackberry the app is found in the 'Blackberry Messenger' folder. Open the folder and look for 'Scan a Barcode'. Open up the bar code scanner, point the camera of the Blackberry at the QR Code. When all is in focus, the Phone will beap. The QR Code has been read by your phone.
Follow the prompts on your Web enabled cell phone.
If you need the scanning software installed on your Blackberry, iPhone, Android or other smartphone:
From your PC: http://www.mobile-barcodes.com/qr-code-software/ From your phone: http://analytics.percentmobile.com/device_qr_code_readers/
That’s it! Life gets easier for everybody.